Disney is turning ‘It’s a Small World’ into a movie now

Disney is bringing another theme park ride to the big screen.

Suspiciously coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the “It's a Small World” attraction at Anaheim's Disneyland theme park, Deadline is reporting that the studio will now be turning the popular musical ride into a feature-length film. Director Jon Turtletaub (“Last Vegas,” “National Treasure”) is on board to helm the adaptation from a script by Jared Stern (“The Internship,” “The Watch”), who pitched the idea to the studio. 

Not surprisingly, Disney is viewing the film as the potential start of another mega-grossing franchise a la “Pirates of the Caribbean,” which has brought in over $3.7 billion worldwide (with a fifth entry potentially on the way). A film based on The Disneyland attraction “Mr. Toad's Wild Ride” is also reportedly in the works.

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