Disney Is Working On A Marvel Land After ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’


In case you forgot, Disney now owns everything. Having just turned their Star Wars property into a wing of Disneyland known as “Galaxy’s Edge” (with the Disney World counterpart arriving in August), they’ll next turn to one of their other big get: As per The Los Angeles Times (via Entertainment Weekly), they’re going to dedicate a section of their theme parks to all things Marvel.

This news is very much in the larval stage, which is to say there’s no details on what the theme park section will look like, much less what attractions it will contain. There is word that it will feature a Spider-Man doodad where visitors can help him battle some baddies. Details reportedly won’t be revealed until Disney’s D23 convention in late August.

There’s also no word on when it will be completed, although construction is already underway in a section of Disneyland’s “California Adventure” wing, specifically the section once known as “A Bug’s Land,” which was dedicated to the 1998 Pixar classic A Bug’s Life. So pour one out for Flik and company, but you can always console yourself by knowing that one day you’ll be able to hang out with some guy dressed as Thor after getting plastered at the Star Wars cantina.

(Via Los Angeles Times and EW)