Jodie Whittaker Looks ‘Brilliant’ In The ‘Doctor Who’ Comic-Con Trailer

The Jodie Whittaker era of Doctor Who officially began last December, but it doesn’t begin in earnest until fall, when the beloved British science-fiction series returns for season 11. BBC released a full-length trailer during San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, giving us our best look at the first female Doctor yet.

In a word: it looks “brilliant.” (Also, in a change of pace, no Daleks.)


Whittaker isn’t the only big change to Doctor Who. There’s also three companions by her side: Ryan (played by Tosin Cole), Yasmin (Mandip Gill), and Graham (Bradley Walsh). “Doctor Who is a big, popular, inclusive show,” new showrunner Chris Chibnall told Entertainment Weekly about the trio of companions. “I wanted to feel that everybody who tunes in, around the world, has a character they can relate to.” That’s already apparent with the casting of Whittaker, which Chibnall said was the “easiest decision” in his career. Executive producer Matt Strevens agreed, calling her a “no-brainer. The fact that we were casting a female Doctor disappeared really quickly from our minds. We were just casting the Doctor and she felt like our Doctor.”

Take a look at our Doctor in the San Diego Comic-Con trailer above.