Jodie Whittaker’s ‘Doctor Who’ Costume Has Been Revealed

The BBC posted our first look at Jodie Whittaker’s costume for her — and womankind’s — inaugural Doctor Who voyage. With her gold suspenders, rainbow shirt, striped socks and teal culottes, it’s very Colin Baker meets Peter Davison sans celery meets Tom Baker’s scarf meets Mork from Ork and we’re here for it. She’s sporting army boots because she’s ready for action, a practical raincoat because she spends an inordinate amount of time in Cardiff, and an ear cuff because she’s all of us in high school.

This costume is uniquely her own, a true departure from the modern series’ suits in muted colors. It’s nice to see the show didn’t attempt opt for a quieter look for its first female Doctor. Instead, they gave her the loudest costume of the current series that didn’t include a fez, while including a subtle nod to the classic series.

Comic artist Patrick Goddard shared an early drawing he did of the costume, which he shared with the Doctor Who costume designer.

While we can’t wait to see Whittaker’s doctor in action, we still thankfully have one more go ’round the TARDIS with Peter Capaldi, as well as David Bradley playing William Hartnell’s iteration of the first Doctor, and, setting us up for this brave new woman-fronted world, will tackle the first Doctor’s casual chauvinism.

“[The First Doctor] goes into the Twelfth Doctor’s Tardis and says ‘it’s a bit dusty around here, it’s in an awful state isn’t it? Where’s Polly? Shouldn’t she give it a spring clean?’ And then Peter’s saying ‘you can’t say that.’He’s just talking [as if] the [companions] are there just to help out, and do the dusting and do all the domestic chores.”

Capaldi’s final episode of Doctor Who airs Christmas Day. Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor takes over in 2018. Here’s the full picture from the BBC.