‘Doctor Who’ trailer promises Daleks, Missy, and fire-breathing lions this season

When I spoke to both Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman at San Diego Comic-Con, they were insistent the best days of the Doctor and Clara were ahead of them. The new trailer for Series 9 – debuting on BBC America on Saturday, September 19 at 9:00PM EDT – captures some of this manic desire for adventure.

After surviving perhaps the worst Christmas ever, Twelve and Clara are infused with a need to seize life by the throat. This year they”ll visit deadly alien planets (naturally), find a creepy underwater base, explore a Viking village (with Maisie Williams in tow if the trailer is any indication), deal with a Zygon uprising, and travel to the very end of time itself.

Missy survives to plot another day and the Daleks make their triumphant(?) return. But most interesting to me is how many costume changes Maisie Williams has. We already saw her in the trademark orange jumpsuit in the SDCC trailer. Now we see her in a very “Beauty and the Beast” situation, as well as wearing Viking duds with Clara. Just how much of a “guest role” is this?

We'll find out next month!