Does First Lady Michelle Obama Have a Netflix ‘Gilmore Girls’ Cameo?

In the Gilmore Girls series finale, Rory took a job on Barack Obama's Presidential campaign to report for an online magazine. While we haven't gotten too many details yet on the Netflix revival, signs are now pointing to her having continued on that career path – as a new Snapchat post from First Lady Michelle Obama features her sharing space with Alexis Bledel.

“But that also means that in three days I'd be leaving for who knows how long,” spoke Bledel's Rory Gilmore in 2007. “It could be two months, it could be two years if Barack does well.” We all know how well he did, and so here we are.

First let's talk about how the First Lady joined Snapchat.




I still can't get a firm grasp on it, but considering the First Lady is already doing great on Twitter, I'm sure she'll excel at Snapchat (or, you know, her team will). According to The White House website, she joined to “give young people everywhere a fun way to follow her trip, learn about the more than 62 million girls around the world who aren”t in school, and take action to support them” as she travels to the Republic of Liberia, the Kingdom of Morocco and the Kingdom of Spain.

Office of Communication's Kelsey Donohue also wrote on Medium:

It”s no secret, young people today are avid Snapchatters?-?more than half of 13 to 34 year-old smartphone users are Snapping their daily adventures. By following the First Lady on Snapchat, you will see stories of the 62 million girls around the world who aren”t in school and find ways you can take action. You will learn more about ways to stay active and healthy?-?plus see the White House Kitchen Garden from planting to harvest. You will hear stories from members of our Joining Forces community. You will meet students who are beating the odds to Reach Higher to go to college. Plus, we promise many guest appearances from Bo and Sunny, too.