Does it matter that Stephen Colbert didn’t tweet his joke out of context?

03.28.14 5 years ago

Does it matter that Stephen Colbert didn”t tweet his joke out of context?
Colbert is taking all the heat for Comedy Central”s excerpting his Wednesday night bit using Asian stereotypes to make a point about the Washington Redskins” name. But should Colbert take some of the blame since it is his show”s account, and has his name on it? PLUS: The #CancelColbert campaign shows that social-media life has become a race to be the most offended first, this controversy illustrates the difference between TV and Twitter audiences, this is the day Twitter ate itself, would there be outrage if Colbert used the N-word to prove his point?, Harry Shearer says PR departments shouldn”t be excerpting Colbert”s humor, and Twitter ruined Colbert”s legitimate dig at the Redskins owner.

New York state fines Tina Fey $79,000 for failing to carry workers” compensation insurance
The Workers” Compensation Board found Fey guilty of “Failure to Carry Workers” Comp Ins” from late 2012 through last month.

Piers Morgan says goodbye to his CNN show tonight
“We won some, we lost some – but we always gave it everything we had,” Morgan tweeted in advance of tonight”s final “Piers Morgan Live,” adding: “Most importantly, we stood up to the plate even when it wasn't easy or popular or to do so > #guns”

It”s a shame Fox mistreated “Enlisted”
The critically acclaimed military comedy was basically left for dead on Friday nights.

Check out the Chinese bootleg version of “Breaking Bad”
Titled: “Break So Bad.”

Christine Baranski had trouble reading the scripted for this week”s ”Good Wife” episode
“I'd get to a certain point and I'd put it down because I knew what was coming – that this was the script,” she says. “I actually had an emotional inability to just read any further and then finally one day right Christmas, I read it all the way.”

British star Kelly Brook joins “One Big Happy”
She”ll get married to Nick Zano in the lesbian-themed comedy from Ellen DeGeneres.

“House of Cards” has boosted interest in rowing classes
Francis and Claire Underwood has apparently rowing machines all the rage.

Ricky Gervais is plotting yet another “Office” David Brent spinoff — he'll become a rapper
On top of his plan for a mockumentary of Brent performing his musical act on stage, Gervais can see Brent embarking on a rap career.

Watch a preview of Chris Martin on “The Voice”
The Coldplay frontman makes his debut on Monday.

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