Does the new ‘Ouija’ trailer spell out ‘Next Big Halloween Franchise’?

(CBR) Cynical people tend to say films based on toys and games are just there to sell more products. We”re not quite sure that”s the case with Hasbro”s “Ouija,” as it revolves around a group of kids bringing something evil over from the other side while using the spirit board to try to contact a dead friend. That”s some pretty twisted advertising!

Speaking of which, a U.K. version of the first trailer just hit, featuring a lot of previously seen footage.

The film stars “Bates Motel” actress Olivia Cooke as well as fellow up-and-comers Ana Coto, Bianca A. Santos, Douglas Smith and Daren Kagasoff. Stiles White, who previously worked in the special effects field, directed from a script he wrote with Juliet Snowden.

If you”re curious about trying your hand at the planchette, you can check out the film”s official site,which has a digital board that reveals more bits and pieces from the movie. “Ouija” opens on Oct. 24.

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