Dolly Parton’s NBC movie series: Our dream cast members

Because God loves you, Dolly Parton is getting a series of television movies based on her life and songs.

NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt told the Television Critics Association this week that he and the country music icon have reunited to plot new titles for the network. (Parton and Greenblatt previously worked together on the Broadway adaptation of her classic musical-film “9 to 5.”)

The movies themselves are intended to be standalone works, instead of a follow-along miniseries. Which means the Dolly Story could be told in a million different ways.

The HitFix team put its head(s) together and came up with a myriad of different actors and performers who may be perfect matches to such scripts. Dolly Parton has recorded more than five dozen albums of material, so there's a lot of storylines, personal details, collaborations, songs, eras and genres to cover.

Who do you think could would do well with Dolly Parton's “uplifting movies the entire family can enjoy together?”