This First ‘Han Solo’ On-Set Pic From Ron Howard Shows Donald Glover At Home In The Millennium Falcon


The first on-set picture of Donald Glover doing his thing as Lando Calrissian on the set of the Han Solo movie is here by way of Ron Howard, and it looks like Lando is either hard at work or saying goodbye to his ship after losing her to Han in a “Corellian Spike” game of sabacc. That’s an intergalactic game of dice if you didn’t know (admit it, you did).

We saw the cast picture (along with the doomed directors) a few months ago, but this pic actually shows Lando in the pilot’s jacket that we’ve seen Luke Skywalker and others wear so fashionably over the series. Where are the capes? Is this pre-cape Lando? If so, it would add quite a bit of important history to the Han Solo movie we know so little about.

Are we going to see Lando lose the Millennium Falcon to Han Solo in this movie which will ultimately lead him to a life of cape collecting? Maybe. Perhaps we’ll see the entire arc from Capeless to caped. Howard has already teased a few of the fancy pieces of backwear on his Instagram, so it seems like we won’t have to worry — cool capes will be worn in this Han Solo movie. We hope. This is an important part of the Star Wars universe.

As we know, few men can pull off capes, but when they do, it’s quite spectacular.

(Via SlashFilm)