Download ‘Looper’ director Rian Johnson’s in-theater commentary

Talking during a movie is one of the 8 deadly sins, but what if it’s the film’s director who is talking your ear off?

While audio commentaries are normally reserved for DVD/Blu-ray release (or relegated to jokey exercises like Cinematic Titanic screenings), “Looper” director Rian Johnson is giving you the chance to hear him at the theater.

Over on the movie’s official Tumblr page, you can download a brand new in-theater commentary track to be listened to –in headphones and at a low volume, please — while you watch the film unspool at your local multiplex.

Johnson did something similar with his last film, “The Brothers Bloom,”  but not very many people saw that film in theaters. “Looper” is a much bigger beast, so don’t be too surprised if you see a half-dozen solitary movie geeks wearing ear buds at your next screening.

The writer-director will still perform all the usual bonus feature duties when it comes to the film’s eventual home release, however. Johnson notes, “It is totally different from the commentary track that will be on the Blu/DVD, a bit more technical and detailed. Needless to say, this is NOT to be listened to on a first viewing, or before you”ve seen the film.” 

But, remember — be considerate of other moviegoers. Keep the volume level and the bright onscreen display of your iPod in check. 

“Looper” stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt and is in theaters now.