‘Downton Abbey’ may dump its dog for having the name ‘Isis’

“Downton Abbey” may dump its dog for having the name “Isis”
There”s speculation that the canine that has been around since Season 2 may be on its way out due to its name, which ITV calls an “unfortunate coincidence.” If it does happen, “Downton” would be in the same boat as “Archer,” which got rid of its spy agency”s name “ISIS” because it shared the same name with the Middle East terrorist movement.

Photo shows Honey Boo Boo with her mom”s alleged child molester boyfriend
Not only is Mark McDaniel with Mama June, he”s actually shown touching the shoulder of the 9-year-old Honey Boo Boo. PLUS: Mama June may have cheated on Sugar Bear with child molester, and could Mama June lose her kids?

“Boardwalk Empire”s” series finale was like a “closure machine”
“I”m not saying that 'Boardwalk Empire' was the anti-‘Sopranos,' exactly, or that it was built for people who hated 'The Sopranos'” ending,” says James Poniewozik. “I”m sure there are people who loved both. But it was at least a kind of counterrevolution against 'The Sopranos’' narrative style.” PLUS: “Boardwalk” boss was 80% sure it would end this way – the “most powerful version of the story for us,” Terrence Winter adds “We were on for exactly the right amount of time,” the final season was more “Breaking Bad” than “Sopranos,” “Boardwalk” died as it lived, it told one hell of a story, but it was never immediately compelling.

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Has Carrie become too creepy on “Homeland”?
The Showtime series seems to be doing everything possible to make viewers feel uncomfortable this season.

Taylor Kitsch was “keeping a finger crossed that I was going to get True”
Kitsch says of joining “True Detective” Season 2: “Yeah, I'm really excited. I”ve just been prepping. It”s been almost a full year since I”ve been on camera, so I”m itching, man. I”m overdue. You”ve just got to grind it out. Even taking this year off was, I mean you want to work, but you also don”t want to just water it down and work for the sake of working. So, it was tough to sit a year out, keeping a finger crossed that I was going to get True.”

“American Idol”s” Season 14 promo features past winners
From Carrie to Kelly to JHud.

Check out Jon Cryer as “Pretty in Pink”s” Ducky on “Two and a Half Men”
Cryer revisits his Ducky past for this week”s Halloween-themed season premiere.

Did Iggy Azalea deliver the worst performance in “SNL” history?
That was a straight-up embarrassment, says Hilary Hughes, adding: “Maybe it was the cheap sets, the clunky changes, or off timing and choreography, but 'Fancy/Black Widow' was one trainwreck of a performance from start to finish.”

“@midnight's” visit to NYC to include a Stephen Colbert cameo
Chris Hardwick”s Comedy Central show next week will also feature Artie Lange, Jeff Ross, Jim Gaffigan, Hannibal Buress and “Broad City”s” Abbi Jacobson.

Simon Cowell is confronted with a mom who is allergic to him
Michelle Hall, 42, has been prescribed antidepressents to conquer her phobia of Cowell.

Watch Fox”s trailer for hip-hop drama “Empire”
“The Butler”s” Lee Daniels wants “Empire to become a “black ‘Dynasty.””

“Sesame Street” tackles “Harry Potter”
Cookie Monster stars in “Furry Potter and The Goblet of Cookies.”

LeVar Burton reads “Go the F*ck to Sleep”
Watch the “Reading Rainbow” star read one of his favorite children”s stories.

“Castle” adds Krista Allen
She”ll guest as an ’80s action-movie icon.

“Welcome Back, Kotter” star Marcia Strassman dies at 66
Strassman played Gabe Kaplan”s wife on the ’70s sitcom.