Drake and Internet sensation iLoveMakonnen hit the club in new ‘Tuesday’ video

School nights mean nothing to Drake.

In the new video for “Tuesday,” his smooth, relaxing remix/collaboration with Atlanta-based R 'n' B newcomer iLoveMakonnen, Drake informs listeners that he “ain't go no muthaf*ckin' time to party on the weekend” (he's been busy recording “How About Now”)

That's why the duo hit up a swanky club with loads of liquor, drugs, pretty girls (some wearing creepy “Eyes Wide Shut” masks), cool-looking dudes, and a ubquitous severed female mannequin head. 

The clip also includes regular folks going about their busy lives outside of the party realm. Whether you go out in London, L.A., Rio, Hong Kong, Paris or points in-between, the message seems to be life is about having fun where you can get it.   

Watch the video here:

“Tuesday” is a remix of “Club Goin' Up on a Tuesday,” which can be found on iLoveMakonnen's self-titled EP, available now.