Watch: Drake goes all gangster in new video for ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’

Drake goes all “Miami Vice” in the new video clip for “Hold On, We”re Going Home,” the latest single from his new album, “Nothing Was The Same” (out today).

The first three minutes of the clip are all exposition as we see Drake as a member of a gang in 1985. They are celebrating their latest feats when Drake gets the call that his girl, who just happens to be in lingerie, has been kidnapped by rival gangsters.

Drake goes all commando, complete with machine guns and black masks and attire, to rescue his lady.

The ballad gets pretty much lost in the narrative and the “Scarface”-like gunfire and explosions.
True love prevails. In fact, Drake is such a gentleman that he wraps his girl in his jacket once he”s done away with the enemy.