Listen: Drake’s feeling lonely on new track ‘Girls Love Beyonce’

Drake name drops Beyonce in his new song in his new song, “Girls Love Beyonce,” and then basically kicks her to the curb. He drew us in with her and then goes into a song about wishing he had someone to love.
The song”s hook is built around a slowed-down Destiny”s Child”s “Say My Name,” wistfully sung by James Fauntleroy, but Drake didn”t need to include Beyonce in the title for that.

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The lyrics are a bit of a mess, like a scary trip through Drake”s mind…and we’ve been there before. He wants a girlfriend, in part because he just wants to stay at home, but he”s got lots of other issues.  “These days it”s hard to meet women/feel like my love life is finished… I”m scared to let someone in.”  If he can find someone else alone, who”s not running games, well, could they please “say my name.” But he doesn”t want to go through the crap he put up with four years ago and she should know better than to come home and give him grief “when I”m in the zone.” What woman wouldn”t want someone like that?

He”s also unhappy with the kids these days! The 26-year old totally doesn”t get how they could possibly disrespect women like they do: ”  “All my young boys round me saying, ‘Get money  and fuck these hos”/Where we learn these values, I do not know what to  tell you.” Gee… what music could they possibly be listening to that talks about women in such a misogynistic way?  Hmmm.

It”s a sleepy track with a nice little groove and a big kick drum to anchor it, but it ultimately not memorable unlike “Started From The Bottom,” the insinuating first single from his forthcoming album “Nothing Was The Same”  That track has been a mainstay in the Billboard Hot 100’s top 10.