Drew Goddard has hope that he’ll get to make ‘Sinister Six’ with his dream roster

Drew Goddard got the fanboys and fangirls of the Interwebs all giddy last week when he revealed that he believes his “Sinister Six” could still become a silver screen reality, that the project is not a forever-lost piece of collateral damage in the Sony-Marvel team-up.

With that in mind, HitFix couldn”t help but take the opportunity to ask Goddard about his vision for “The Sinister Six.”

Chatting with Goddard this morning about his screenplay for “The Martian,” we asked him who his dream roster would be for the six supervillains in the rogues gallery up against Spider-Man. (The villainous team has had many iterations and roster changes in the comic books.) Goddard couldn”t tell us his dream roster – but that may be a good thing.

“I can't answer that “cause that would be my movie. Luckily, they let me make my dream roster,” Goddard told HitFix.

So, it sounds like if Goddard does end up getting to direct (and finish writing) a “Sinister Six” movie, there”s hope that he”ll get to do it with his choice of villains.

Would it be Venom vs. Spider-Man? Doc Ock? Scorpio? Mysterio? The Vulture? Another film take on Electro? We”ll just have to wait to find out.

Dear readers, tell us, which six supervillains would you like to see face Spider-Man in Goddard”s “Sinister Six”? And do you trust that Goddard (who”s garnered genre fans with movies and TV like “Lost,” “Daredevil,” “Cabin in the Woods” and, his latest, “The Martian”) will pick the six that will make the most thrilling, compelling movie?