The kids of ‘Earth to Echo’ answer: Best alien, fastest bike rider, most tech-savvy

In the new family film “Earth to Echo,” actors Teo Halm, Ella Wahlestedt, Brian 'Astro' Bradley and Reese Hartwig had to play a serious round of 20 questions with adorable alien dubbed “Echo” who somehow plummeted to Earth — to make sure, for one, Echo's not here to kill us.

As the young actors came to Los Angeles to promote “Earth to Echo,” we decided to shoot some rapid-fire questions their way too.

The kids have a close bond in the film, which has them lamenting their last night together in a Nevada neighborhood that's being forcibly shut. It gave them time to get to know each other, goof off for the cameras in the film and the camera on their phone, ride bikes into the desert, listen to music… and it's apparent they like each other since its been over. Maybe they'd like to work together again…

Reese Hartwig — who plays Munch — said he'd like to take the craft services lady with them, too. Reese's Pieces were the agreed-upon most popular candy.

Teo Halm (Alex) said that, aside from Echo,” Wall-E and Eva from “Wall-E” are his favorite aliens. But even talking about “Earth to Echo” now, he gets a little verklempt.

“I had the last scene of the last day… The second they wrapped, I was pretty emotionally pumped up,” Halm said. “Super awesome. I'm never gonna forget that.”

On top of the emotional story, actor (and rapper!) Astro (who plays Tuck) encourages his  reason why audiences should come out to see “Earth to Echo” on July 2: “'Cause we had to wake up every morning at 6 a.m., spent millions of dollars, different locations, and you get to see it for $15.”

Fair 'nuff. Watch the full group interview above with what Ella Wahlestedt can beat the boys at, who among them is the fastest phone draw in the West, and other fun nuggets from the film.

“Earth to Echo” is in theaters on July 2.