Eddie Redmayne delivers a brief history of Stephen Hawking in ‘Theory of Everything’ trailer

08.06.14 5 years ago 6 Comments

It seems rather surprising that a biopic tackling the life of famed physicist Stephen Hawking is just now making its way to the big screen, but courtesy of director James Marsh (“Man on Wire,” “Red Riding”) and actor Eddie Redmayne (“My Week with Marilyn,” “Les Misérables”), it's finally doing just that. And ahead of a world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival next month, Focus Features has launched the first trailer for the film.

It certainly looks like a tour de force opportunity for Redmayne. But additionally, I'm told that at the end of the day Felicity Jones could well be pushed as a lead here. I'm not privy to the extent of the role, or the whims of the teams involved here, but it seems more often than not the safer play is to run with the supporting category when such a performance seems to be arguable either way. Particularly as supporting performances with more meat on their bones tend to have a better shot at winning in those categories, but we'll see how it all unfolds.

Check out the new trailer above and tell us what you think. Is Redmayne looking like a sure-thing for a Best Actor bid? Could the film have a lot of awards potential? Or will it just be another dry biopic that went nowhere in the race? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

“The Theory of Everything” opens in theaters Nov. 7.

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