‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ survives its muddied marketing, will live to see another day (sequel)

Not every film is a blockbuster smash right out of the gate. Sometimes it's a slow burn. While Edge of Tomorrow ended up making $270 million overall, you may recall that the movie didn't rake in huge dollars at the box office. It made the bulk of that money on home video after a name change to Live. Die. Repeat and word of mouth (mostly word of mouth).

I still think that the slow box office was due to the marketing of Tom Cruise as the hero at a time when Cruise wasn't, what you call, popular. If they'd shown him dying multiple times in multiple ways in the trailers to give people a better view of what actually happens, I'm betting you'd have seen more people go to the theater.

The truth is that Emily Blunt made that movie really shine and that's why I'm excited to hear news of a sequel with both Cruise and Blunt attached. Give me more Rita Vrtaski!

Deadline is reporting that Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse (who co-wrote Race) are writing the sequel and Christopher McQuarrie is attached to direct. The big question will be if they can recapture the chemistry and magic of what made Edge of Tomorrow work. McQuarrie's sure to bring the action, I just hope he brings the dynamic between Rita and Cage.

Oh and, if they kill Tom Cruise a few more times, that would be cool, too. Because you have to admit that was funny.

(via Deadline)