Eli Roth’s ‘Green Inferno’ postponed indefinitely

and 08.08.14 5 years ago

(CBR) Eli Roth”s cannibal cravings are looking to go unsatisfied.

In a surprise move, Open Road has removed Roth”s upcoming thriller “Green Inferno” from its release schedule. The movie, which centers on student activists who are chased by cannibals through the Amazon rain forest, was scheduled for wide release on Sept. 5. That”s no longer the case.

According to Deadline, Open Road has removed the film from its calendar, a decision made “because financier Worldview Entertainment is balking at ex-CEO Christopher Woodrow”s commitment to provide” publicity and advertising. Woodrow left Worldview under mysterious circumstances in June, and Deadline reports that many of his “extravagant commitments” are being scrutinized by a restructuring Worldview.

There”s no word on when or if “Green Inferno” will be rescheduled for theatrical release, or if the film will go directly to video.

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