Elizabeth Banks wants to show you her WhoHaha and make you laugh

“Since the dawn of time, men have shouldered the burden of comedy.”

This is how Elizabeth Banks introduces you to her new site WhoHaha before going on to explain that women are coming to relieve them of this burden and say, “Bow out, bitches”.

I think I'm in love.

WhoHaha's goal is to introduce you to and spotlight funny women by both sharing material from current female comics like Melissa McCarthy and Amy Schumer and discovering new talent from the far reaches of the internets.

In a world where funny women are still considered a comedy exception and not a rule, sisters are doin' it for themselves.

From the press release:

     Cofounded by actress, director, and producer Elizabeth Banks, WhoHaha is a digital platform whose goal is to shine a spotlight on funny women.
     Here at WhoHaha our motto is: if men can do it, they probably learned it from a woman. WhoHaha will elevate and spotlight funny women from around the globe who are creating unique and entertaining content, from Amy Schumer and Mindy Kaling to your 15 your old neighbor who just started her own Youtube channel.
     WhoHaha is a space for female creators to distribute their content to a wider audience and a place for users to spend hours laughing until they pee. Elizabeth is scouring the internet for the funniest women the web has to offer and delivering them to you on all platforms.

P.S. There are enough men complaining in the comments of the YouTube video, so just allow me to say this –– men have all sorts of comedy outlets, from TV shows to movies, to insert medium here. So please, can we just avoid the “what about men/equality/sexist/MRA” outrage? I say this with love and as a woman who thinks more funny women would rock. Let us have this. Thanks!