Ellen Pompeo may quit acting after ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Ellen Pompeo may quit acting after “Grey”s Anatomy”
“I definitely don't have a strong desire to act after Grey's,” the actress said last night at a Shonda Rhimes-themed Buzzfeed panel with Kerry Washington and Viola Davis. “I definitely feel myself transitioning. I don't find acting terribly empowering. For the place I am in my life, I think my age, once I hit 40, I feel differently. I don't necessarily want to work for other people.”

Tonight on CBS: Rihanna and Baltimore Ravens
Rihanna, a victim of domestic violence, will sing the theme song for “Thursday Night Football,” which kicks off amid a Baltimore Ravens team dealing with the aftermath of cutting running back Ray Rice on Monday for domestic violence.

Discovery announces a reality show pitting rival U.S. senators on a remote island
Republican Jeff Flake of Arizona and Democrat Martin Heinrich of New Mexico will compete on “Rival Survival.”

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Barbra Streisand to return to “The Tonight Show” for the 1st time since 1963
The legendary performer will be Fallon”s only guest on Monday. PLUS: Nick Offerman talks about his college sexual codes with Fallon.

Proposed Fox drama would be like “24” meets “The X-Files”
“24” producers are working on a ghost hunter project for Fox, with the pitch: “After a devastating supernatural attack, an Iraq war vet takes it as his mission to hunt down the most viscerally terrifying paranormal phenomenon.”

Man convicted of plotting to kidnap Letterman”s son to be freed from prison today
Kelly Frank”s parole request was granted in June.

Netflix and Amazon to hear pitches to save “Longmire”
The canceled A&E series has been putting together a proposal for digital and cable outlets.

Did that really happen on the “Graceland” season finale?
Exec producer Jeff Eastin says: “what you see is what you get.”