Elton John gives major props to ousted Disney Chief for greenlighting ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’

As Executive Producer and a contributor of two original songs to the new animated feature “Gnomeo and Juliet” you’d expect Elton John to be the perfect pitchman.  And, judging by this interview with Jenna Busch conducted for HitFix a few weeks ago, he absolutely is.  The music icon’s enthusiasm for the project he shepherded for over a decade seems genuine as does his love for the material itself.  What’s most intriguing about their discussion, however, is how many times the name Dick Cook comes up.  Especially since Cook was unceremoniously fired as Disney’s studio chief almost 17 months ago.

John makes sure Cook gets his due as the champion of the material.  If not for him, the project would never have been greenlit and all of his teams’ work would have been for naught.  He also gives Cook credit for making sure a number of memorable and well known songs by John and Bernie Taupin made it into the movie (there are two original songs including a duet with Lady Gaga as well).  Still, with it unclear whether “Gnomeo” would be a hit or not (and the verdict is till out on that point), John wants to make it clear that Cook gets the credit and not anyone else currently at the top at Disney.  It’s a little old school Hollywood politics in the best way possible. Plus, who’s gonna chastise the legend behind the music of “The Lion Kong”?  


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“Gnomeo and Juliet” is now playing nationwide in 3D.