Emily Blunt gave Howard Stern the perfect answer about her ‘Sicario’ nude scene

When FBI agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) stumbles into the middle of Mexican drug cartel skirmish, she ends up joining a special task force to help find the men at the top of this underworld food chain. Things quickly go from bad to worse to war.

As part of the press tour, Emily Blunt stopped by the Howard Stern show where Stern lamented the lack of nudity in the film because he”s Howard Stern. However, Blunt had a pretty spectacular story and retort at the ready.

EMILY BLUNT: [A topless scene] was in there originally. It came out because we didn”t agree with it.

HOWARD STERN: Who”s ‘we”?

BLUNT: My tits.

She”s on a roll! Blunt”s candid soundbites while promoting “Sicario” just keep rolling in. First her astute observation about Captain Marvel and now this. If Emily Blunt”s girls don”t want to take a breather in the middle of a tense action thriller, then they”re not gonna take a breather.

But it wasn”t just Blunt and her girls that weren”t down with the nudity. Her costar also supported her decision, “Benicio [del Toro] backed me up. It was a scene between he and I that was rewritten.”

You can listen to the whole Howard Stern clip below!

“Sicario” is now playing in select theaters and opens wide on October 2.

[Via The Wrap]