Emily Blunt says she’s gotten phone calls about an ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ sequel

TORONTO – Things are pretty good these days for Emily Blunt.  She”s starred in back-to-back hits, helped put the new TV show “Lip Sync Battle” on the map and is now enjoying another round of rave reviews for her new thriller “Sicario.”  Oh, and she continues to make waves speaking the truth on why she keeps being rumored for superhero roles.

This past weekend Blunt took a few minutes for a sit down interview before the North American premiere of “Sicario” at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival (it originally premiered at Cannes). We chat about the backstory regarding one of the film”s pivotal scenes (a moment which has earned her some awards season buzz), her love of its cinematographer Roger Deakins and her unusual role in “The Girl On The Train” which she”ll begin shooting later this fall.

Oh, and there”s that revelation about Tom Cruise (among others) calling her about possibly retuning to the world of “Edge of Tomorrow.”


HitFix: Let”s talk about your movie because I love your movie.  I actually reviewed it in Cannes.

Emily Blunt:    Oh you did!

I spoke to you for like three minutes (see the video embed at the top of this post)

Oh fantastic. (Laughs.)

Remember that day where all four of you guys were in a weird space where you could all hear each other?

Oh yes.  It was very odd.  It was so weird.  The paper walls.


Now we can actually have a proper conversation.  You”re not asking like the simple questions when you only have three minutes.