Eminem is Max Headroom in teaser for new ‘Rap God’ video

11.22.13 5 years ago
Eminem teased his new video for “Rap God,” which debuts Wednesday (Nov. 27), turning himself into Eighties pop culture icon Max Headroom. Watch the video here or below.
In the video, Em does an excellent Headroom impression, stuttering and stammering about his “one chance” as his image flickers over early-computer neon design. “Rap God” is the second single off Eminem’s now certified platinum album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2.” 
For those unfamiliar, Max Headroom was an artificial intelligence TV character who appeared in commercials, late night talk shows, and even his own series (check out the video below the teaser). 
Eminem’s first-ever music video, “My Name Is,” was inspired by throwback TV and pop culture. Read our picks for Eminem’s 10 best music videos.

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