Emmys fashion fail or fab: Pregnant celebs

Look, pregnancy isn’t easy for anyone. I’m guessing Gail Simmons and Morena Baccarin both would have preferred to stay at home, put up their swollen feet, and eat Cheetos in their sweatpants rather than go to the Emmys. But they toughed it out, somehow lifted themselves gracefully out of a limo while photographers were there, and made it onto the red carpet. So, kudos to them both!

Alas, only one of them seems to have a stylist who knows what to do with a baby bump. Baccarin, who cinched above the bump and let the rest of the dress flow gracefully to the floor, looks just as stunning as you might expect. It helps to be gorgeous, of course.

Gail Simmons, the “Top Chef” judge, was not as successful. Instead, I think her stylist ran out to Walmart, bought an XXL nightie, and told her that everyone will be too excited to talk about her impending birth to care what she’s wearing. In fact, I’m just making the assumption she’s pregnant. She might have had a turkey dinner before the red carpet. At least it would be a five-star turkey dinner, I suppose.

What do you think? 

Morena Baccarin Gail Simmons