‘Hateful Eight’: Quentin Tarantino says Ennio Morricone is scoring his Western

While “The Hateful Eight” nearly never saw the light of day after the script was leaked in January 2014, the film is now rounding into shape for a Christmas 2015 release. Quentin Tarantino and much of the cast — including Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tim Roth, Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Dern — descended on Comic-Con Saturday (July 11) to tease the flick and announce that legendary composer Ennio Morricone will score the film.

Morricone is an Oscar and Golden Globe winner and has scored famed Westerns like “Fistful of Dollars” and “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” but hasn”t composed music for the genre in 40 years.

The other big news for “The Hateful Eight,” a movie that follows bounty hunters in Wyoming after the Civil War, is the release of the new movie poster — see it below. It”s is Tarantino”s second Western. The first, of course, was the 2012 Oscar winner “Django Unchained.”

The new movie poster:

Here”s some of what the cast had to say at the panel:

Bruce Dern on his role: “I fit into the story because the kid who made it grew up watching me being a jerk on TV.”


Tarantino on Demian Bichir: “It was actually Robert Rodriguez who said I NEEDED to cast Demian Bichir. He's an amazing, amazing actor!”


Kurt Russell on Tarantino: “There's NOBODY like this guy. He's in a league of his own.”


Tarantino on Westerns: ”You have to make at least 3 westerns to call yourself a 'Western Director.' I'll make a 3rd so I can call myself that”