Entertainment Weekly’s ‘Boyhood’ cover will haunt your Photoshop nightmares

Photo manipulation is a skill. And as with any skill, talent varies by degrees. But not even a master of the art could”ve saved this cover.

Yes, “Boyhood” being filmed over 12 years is an accomplishment that should be celebrated! But not with this Frankenstein”d abomination. I can feel their soulless eyes boring into my flesh. 

I”m gonna need a young priest and an old priest.

Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly via Katey Rich

There”s just something deeply unsettling about Ellar Coltrane throwing his arms over the shoulders of his younger selves. Even more so since it kind of looks like they stitched the younger Coltrane heads onto the bodies of different people. Who's children were sacrificed on the altar of the Uncanny Valley™ for this shot? And who took it upon themselves to round out Coltrane's skull because his face is not that squished…see?

Image Credit: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Sweet dreams tonight, friends.