‘Entourage’ stars Adrian Grenier and Kevin Dillon spill their favorite celeb cameos

Nearly four years after the TV show ended its eight-season run, the “Entourage” movie is finally coming to the big screen. So how did the cast get back into the swing of things?

“We started with this walk and talk, which we did a lot on the show,” Kevin Dillon (a.k.a. Johnny “Drama” Chase) told us while promoting the film at CinemaCon. “Where you just leave the camera running and you're dong a three page scene without cutting. So they started us off with something difficult, and that kinda helped us get into the flow of it. Good ol' 'Entourage' walk and talk.”

So who were their favorite celebrity cameos?

“Ronda Rousey,” Grenier immediately answered.

“Liam Neeson was awesome,” said Dillon. “[And] the Gronk! I love the Gronk!”

Which is a football player, as it turns out.

Watch the full interview above for more on the film's celeb cameos and Vince's attempt to carve out a career as a Hollywood director.

“Entourage” hits theaters on June 3.