Eoin Macken explains the motorcycle-doctor ‘Night Shift’ key art

Back in October, I spent three days on the Morocco set of National Geographic's “Killing Jesus.”

You can see the first part of my coverage, Kelsey Grammer's thoughts, here.

Grammer was paired with Eoin Macken, who plays Herod Antipas in the telefilm and, toward the end of the interview, Macken mentioned that he was preparing to return to work on NBC's “The Night Shift.”

I couldn't resist asking if he'd get the chance to do more key art riding a motorcycle in the ER. Macken was… Amused.

“Oh f***'s sake, yeah!” the Irish actor exclaimed. “Jesus Christ. Would you like to know how hungover when we did that?  When we finished shooting, we all had a big massive party and then the next day we”re doing stills.  And we”re so easily malleable that day because everyone had headaches. We”re like, ‘We”ll do whatever you want.”  Do you want this? Sure. They were clever about it.”

Still obviously bemused by the picture, he added, “We”ve had many conversations with deaf ears.  I realized then the importance if photo-kill in America and I”ve never thought about that before.”

“The Night Shift” Season 2 key art did not, in fact, include the motorcycle.

And “Killing Jesus” premieres on Sunday, March 29 at 8 p.m. on National Geographic.