Epic has no ‘Love’ for Jennnifer Lopez

02.22.10 9 years ago

Jennifer Lopez will have to find another place to hang her Louboutins. The actress/singer/entrepreneur/mommy has parted ways with Epic Records, leaving the status of her seventh studio album, “Love?” in the lurch.

The split was either because her contract had come to an end or because Epic decided to drop her, according to sources who talked to Deadline Hollywood, which broke the story.

We find the latter story more likely since first official single, “Louboutins,” had bombed miserably despite Lopez bowing the song on the “American Music Awards.” She should have known when she slipped during her performance that the song was in trouble! Plus, an act doesn”t generally start to make a new album for a label if his or her contract is up without a new deal (although it certainly has happened, but there is usually a contract that covers that specific release).

Plus, in a statement to Deadline Hollywood,  Lopez”s manager Benny Medina confirms the split, but does not mention that it came because her contract was up.

As you may recall, Epic began working on Lopez”s musical comeback in  December 2008, when it released “Fresh Out of the Oven,” a Neptunes-produced dance tune released by Lopez under the name Lola. At that time, the label said the song would not be on her new album, although she prominently spelled out “Love” in the song.

Lopez has plenty of other stuff going on, so we”re not too worried about her, plus Deadline Hollywood says she”s already in talks with Island Def Jam chairman Antonio “L.A.” Reid (although we think Mariah Carey might have a word or two to say about that). Lopez is hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend (although it will be interesting to see what she”ll perform since there”s no single to plug) and, as we reported earlier,  she”ll be on a March episode of “How I Met Your Mother.” In April, she will star in the romantic comedy, “The Back-Up Plan.”

A few thoughts about this parting. Whoever at Epic picked “Louboutins” as the first single should also be given the boot (every pun intended). First off, the song was, hands down, the worst song of 2009 and that”s saying a lot. But the very thought that in the middle of the worst recession since the ’30s people would want to hear a song about $800 shoes that they can”t afford, much less pronounce, was a major, possibly career-killing misstep. Jenny from the Block? Sure, maybe if the block is Park Ave. Epic fail. Literally.

We requested comment from Epic, but have not heard back yet. We’ll be sure to post their response when we do.

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