Exclusive: Battle lines are drawn and high school gets weird in ARCHIE #5 and JUGHEAD #3

The all-new Archie universe has officially exploded onto the comics scene. After selling a whopping 101k copies of ARCHIE #1 in July showed a voracious audience, hopes are high for JUGHEAD as its on stand-alone series this October.

If you”ve been wanting to get into Archie comics but the backlog was too intimidating, now is definitely the time to jump on board. With a fresh art style and uniquely “teen” voice, Archie is enthusiastically riding the line between a great coming-of-age comedy and a graphic YA novel. All without sacrificing the casts” core characteristics to Reboot Syndrome™. In a medium dominated by superheroes, it”s nice to see a nod to the Romance Comic genre of yore, blended with relatable problems like friendship and figuring out who you are.

To that end, HitFix Harpy is pleased to reveal the covers for both the upcoming ARCHIE #5 and JUGHEAD #3. In the former, battle lines are drawn as Betty and Jughead declare war on Archie”s new infatuation – Veronica Lodge. Over in his own series, Jughead takes on a dystopian science class.