Exclusive: Bryan Fuller confirms THIS god has a huge arc in ‘American Gods’ 1st season


Back in December, Bryan Fuller was in the throws of pre-production of American Gods for Starz. Based on the 2001 novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman, American Gods tells the tale of Shadow Moon. An ex-convict, Shadow is released from prison, only to be sucked into an supernatural world at the behest of his new employer.

Fuller took time out of his day to speak with HitFix Harpy by phone to discuss what little he could about what it”s like to bring this visually spectacular fever dream to life.


HITFIX HARPY: How are things coming along for American Gods?

BRYAN FULLER: Michael Green and I are having a ball. We're in the process of writing scripts, writing outlines, and sending writers off to write their [parts]. We're about three months away from production, so we're a little ahead of the game. [Recently] we were in Wisconsin scouting House on the Rock and that was very exciting.

I've heard House on the Rock is an amazing experience.

FULLER: It's surreal. You walk into that carousel room and it's an emotional reaction. I was giggling and I could feel this fantastic well of emotion at just being exposed to something so magical. It was a wonderful treat out of time. Mostly because we didn't have cell service for a couple of days (laughs).

Were you a fan of the novel before you took on the project?

FULLER: Oh yeah. I had read it when it came out, I think in 2002. We were filming [the pilot for] Dead Like Me. When I'm working on a pilot, I'm generally reading a book at the same time. For Pushing Daisies I was reading 'World War Z.' and for Dead like Me I was reading 'American Gods.'

Neil Gaiman has said the Internet has changed so much since he wrote American Gods that Technical Boy – the god of the web – may be different than he was in 2002.

FULLER: Technical Boy is a big part of the show. He has a huge arc in the first season.

Does anything in particular have you pumped up about the first season?

FULLER: It is a really exciting project that gives us the opportunity to talk about faith and belief and the things that inspire us and why we are alive and what we want to do with our lives. I feel very honored to be tell stories within the covers of this book.

American Gods is currently in pre-production for Starz.

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