Exclusive: Character designs from inside ‘The Art of Legend of Korra: Volume 4’

“The Legend of Korra” may be over, but the secrets of the show are still being revealed. This September Nickelodeon, in conjunction with Dark Horse Comics, will released Volume 4 of their series THE LEGEND OF KORRA: THE ART OF THE ANIMATED SERIES.

With over 120 pages of details, fans of the show can climb under the hood and see what it took to bring the final season of “The Legend of Korra” to life. Never-before-seen artwork is annotated with notes from the creators to give readers a comprehensive look at every stage of development on each aspect of the show.

From facial features to fashion choices, the book is a deep dive into the lore and mythology of the world of “Avatar.”

HitFix Harpy got an exclusive look at a few pages from THE LEGEND OF KORRA: THE ART OF THE ANIMATED SERIES – VOLUME 4, including concept designs for Kuvira!