Exclusive clip: Susan Lucci talks ‘AMC’ demise on ‘Oprah: WATN’

In the latest episode of “Oprah: Where Are They Now” (Fri. Jan. 31 at 9:00 p.m. on OWN), we catch up with a passel of stars including “All My Children” veteran Susan Lucci. If you’re wondering how it feels to lose a job you’ve had for 41 years, watch this exclusive clip. While Lucci is doing just fine these days (and people who aren’t soap fans are probably seeing a lot more of her than they used to), she still went through a lengthy grieving process over the gig.

In the episode, she talks about her fear of never working again, what happened next, and her favorite role of all. Also, Marie Osmond speaks openly about the tragedies that she has faced, including her son”s suicide, and her surprising new marriage.  Brian Boitano reveals how he went from gold medal skater to TV food star, and supermodel Emme shares her passion for embracing her body at any size, as well as a very personal struggle with cancer.  Plus, Erin Merryn, sexually abused as a child, fights back by changing the legal system one state at a time, with Erin”s Law.
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