Exclusive clip: Watch how hellish ‘Life Below Zero’ can be

05.17.13 5 years ago

Imagine life without supermarkets. Or roads. Oh, and don’t forget the cold (sometimes colder than 60 below) or the bears and wolves. Sounds like one heck of a reality TV show, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s how some people live in remote corners of Alaska, and they do it on purpose. Of course, that meant someone had to film it. So now we have “Life Below Zero” premiering Sun. May 19 at 10:00 p.m. on NatGeo.

In this exclusive clip from the show, we meet Chip. Chip and his wife Agnes live together 19 miles north of the Arctic Circle. They fish and hunt using the techniques of Agnes” Inupiat ancestors. What they catch before the winter will not only sustain them, but also be the vital currency they need in bartering for other necessary supplies. Their race to be prepared has its own dangers: Agnes has lost her mother, her brother and her brother”s girlfriend into the ice. Together, they fight on because it”s the place they love. “You got to remember the country can eat you,” warns Chip. “Just as quick as you can eat anything from the country.”

Watch Chip and his family set whitefish nets on thin ice to haul in the last catch of the season.

Will you be watching “Life Below Zero”?

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