Exclusive: DETECTIVE COMICS: ENDGAME #1 asks who will survive the Jokerized apocalypse?


DC Entertainment

In DETECTIVE COMICS: ENDGAME #1, something is very wrong in the city of Gotham. Jokerized victims have turned into monsters, killing and rampaging their way across the metropolis. All the mindless rage of a zombie with the motor skills and higher brain function of a human being. In other words, terrifying.

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

The issue is the first of four one-shot ENDGAME #1 installments, all telling ‘Joker stories” that will culminate in the conclusion of ENDGAME in BATMAN #40 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

HitFix Harpy got an exclusive look inside this one-shot comic at the small group of teenagers who unite to take a stand against all While their secret knowledge of the streets will help them survive, can Batman accept help from a band of upstarts?

DETECTIVE COMICS: ENDGAME #1 in on sale on 3/11.

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