EXCLUSIVE: Diana looks devilishly good in a red dress for LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN

If you”re a fan of Wonder Woman but aren”t reading THE LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN by Renae de Liz and Ray Dillon, you are doing yourself a great disservice. The digital first comic from DC Entertainment might not be taking place in their main universe, but it IS taking place in one of the more interesting ones*. Beginning with Hippolyta”s desire for a child resulting in the infant Diana emerging from the clay, LOWW follows the mortal princess of the Amazons through her childhood and teen years, before culminating with the meeting of Steve Trevor and banishment to the Realm of Men. It even brought back the vivacious Etta Candy.

*The other being the Bombshells universe, obviously.

Now in Chapter 22, Etta and Diana find themselves in Paris for the gala of the year. The war might still be on, but a little thing like imminent violence never stopped the elite from enjoying the high life. But while Etta”s Holliday Girls make friends on the stage, Steve Trevor is sadly called away on urgent business! At least Diana looks fabulous, even without her arm candy!

Unfortunately, even with LOWW readership growing each chapter, DC is still on the fence about renewing the series for a Part 2.


I urge anyone who enjoys Diana Prince to give is a shot. de Liz and Dillon have done a wonderful job thus far, and I”d love to see more of their plans for Wonder Woman. If you”ve already been enjoying the series, feel free to let DC know!

In the meantime, check out this exclusive look at Chapter 22 of LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN. The issue is available April 7, 2016 on Comixology and wherever digital comics are sold.