Exclusive – Drafthouse Films begins their Oscar hunt for ‘Miami Connection’

Before you laugh, I want you to consider how long Drafthouse Films has even existed.

The company was formed to get the Chris Morris dark comedy ‘Four Lions” into theaters, and since then, they’ve picked up less than 20 films.  They’re still defining their identity, but even so, last year, they were able to help steer the Belgian film “Bullhead” to a Best Foreign Language Picture nomination at the Oscars.  They are a fledgling company, and it’s not like “Bullhead” was an easy sell from an established artist with a big permanent fanbase.  It was a debut film, and it was about the seedy underworld of steroid trading and treatment in the cattle industry.  Not the sort of thing that seems at first description like an awards contender.

With “Miami Connection,” Drafthouse Films is rescuing a long-lost musical action inspirational family drama with kung-fu in it, and they’re preparing to unleash this forgotten masterpiece on audiences.  If you’re interested in demanding a local screening for yourself, you can do so through Tugg, and then you can also check to see if they’ve got the film scheduled to roll out in your area on the film’s official website.

As I said, it’s a film where music plays a big part, and Dragon Sound is the band that is featured in the film.  You can download one of their songs at the bottom of this article as a ringtone.  And today we are also proud to debut the For Your Consideration ad that Drafthouse Films will be publishing to various industry publications and websites in an effort to get that song a nomination for “Best Original Song.”

After you’ve heard the song, I don’t think there’s any argument.  Of course this film should be nominated.  Yes, it’s technically 30-something years old, but let’s ignore that and nominate it anyway.  It seems silly to not give Dragon Sound the Oscar they deserve for this film, just because the rules say there’s no way they can win the Oscar they deserve for this film.  I know I don’t really run Oscar stuff here on my blog, but in this case, I’ll make an exception:

See what I mean?  Majestic.  Here’s the trailer in case you still have no idea what I’m talking about:

I’ll have a review of the film for you next week, and I’m excited to finally publish my piece on what may have been the most exciting event at this year’s Fantastic Fest.

“Miami Connection” will be in select theaters on November 2, 2012.  Do not go against the ninja.