Exclusive: First contact goes about as well as you’d expect in WONDER WOMAN #6

Wonder Woman”s history is a bit of a cluster. Unlike the other two pillars of the DC Trinity – Superman and Batman – Diana Prince”s past is murky. There”s no smoking crater or smoking gun that ties her definitively to her origin. Wonder Woman has been the product of an immaculate conception, a coupling with Zeus, or a straight-up rape depending on which comic you”re reading. She”s been from a BDSM utopia and a magical island based on Greek culture, located either in the Pacific Ocean, the Bermuda Triangle, or the Aegean Sea.

With so many different versions to her life, it”s been hard to pin Wonder Woman down. Cultural icons need easily digestible myths in order to fully permeate pop culture. A problem DC Comics is trying to correct for Diana with their REBIRTH series. Split into two alternating titles written by Greg Rucka, Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman: Year One focus on two halves of Diana”s life: her present and her origin. Tying all the loose threads together into a cohesive whole isn”t going to be easy, but Rucka and artists Liam Sharp and Nicola Scott are up to the challenge.

Wonder Woman #6 – on sale September 14, 2016 – sees Diana Prince encountering the world of men with Steve Trevor for the first time. In an exclusive sneak peek below, see what could end in a comedy of (violent) errors. Unable to speak the language, and appearing as if by magic from an invisible jet, Wonder Woman finds herself outside her comfort zone.