Exclusive: Get the first look at what’s awaits DC Comics ‘Gotham Group’ this December

Starting next month, DC Comics is revamping the Bat-family with all new creative teams for a slew of titles – as well as new series all-together – and we've got your first look at what to expect this holiday season.

DC Comics just released their solicits and cover art for this December, and HitFix has the exclusive on what is in store for all the denizens of Gotham City. From Batman and Batgirl, to Catwoman and Robin, along with a few new faces, DC has committed to exploring and expanding the lore around their “Gotham Group.” Check out the cover art and solicits below! Or read on to find out more about the new creative teams and series launches.

 Gail Simone will be departing “Batgirl” for a new secret DC project. Stepping into her shoes will be Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher. In the past Stewart has worked on DC properties such as “Catwoman” and “Batman and Robin.” Fletcher has worked with both Marvel and DC, most recently for the latter with “Wednesday Comics.”

 The shake-up continues as “Catwoman” writer Ann Nocenti moves on to helm a new comic entitled “Klarion the Witch Boy.” Stepping into her shoes will be Genevieve Valentine, best known as the sci-fi/fantasy author of “Mechanique: A tale of the Circus Tresaulti.” This will be her first foray into comic book writing.

 On top of these changes, DC is also launching two new Gotham related comics in October – “Arkham Manor” and “Gotham Academy.” In the former, Wayne Manor is transformed into a local asylum while the latter deals with the most exclusive prep school in the city.

 The lead writer on “Manor” is Gerry Duggan, who has plenty of experience creating stories for the insane after his run on Marvel's “Deadpool.” Meanwhile “Academy” will be spearheaded by Becky Cloonan. She's worked with DC as an artist for years but this will be her debut writing effort for them. She's joined by co-writer Brenden Fletcher.

 In November, DC will launch another new Gotham related comic, “Gotham at Midnight.” Touted as the Gotham police department's answer to “The X-Files,” is follows a team called in to handle cases even beyond Batman's capabilities. The supernatural horror series is being penned by Ray Fawkes, best known for his work with other paranormal DC properties such as “Constantine” and “Justice League Dark.”

 And finally, starting in December the “Robin Rises” saga begins to conclude with the release of “Robin Rises: Alpha.” Veteran DC author Peter J. Tomasi continues his run from “Robin Rises: Omega” with this new twist on the series.