Exclusive: Gotham’s ladies are ready to fight on BATGIRL #46 & GOTHAM ACADEMY #12 covers

When most people think “Gotham” they think of Batman. But a city housing millions of people doesn”t revolve around one eccentric billionaire with a penchant for vigilante justice. There”s also NON-BILLIONAIRE heroes with a penchant for vigilante justice out there in the dark; heroes who take down sentient computer viruses or deal with school mysteries that would make Harry Potter feel right at home. 

Barbara Gordon holds down the fort in Burnside as Batgirl while Olive Silverlock peels back the layers of secrecy surrounding Gotham”s most prestigious academy. Both ladies are assisted by a wide supporting cast the pulls from across the board: from Maps (a Dungeons & Dragons obsessed teen girl) to Qadir (an incredibly talented robotics specialist), the teams working on BATGIRL and GOTHAM ACADEMY have fleshed out the world of Gotham

Now if we could just get another crossover event.

Until then, check out what adventures the ladies of Gotham will be up to this November with an exclusive look at the covers for BATGIRL #46 and GOTHAM ACADEMY #12.