Exclusive: HARLEY’S LITTLE BLACK BOOK #2 gives Harley a uniquely terrifying Lantern ring

After the success of Harley Quinn”s team-up with Power Girl last year, DC Comics decided it was time for Harley to meet – and annoy – the rest of their superhero universe. And thus, HARLEY”S LITTLE BLACK BOOK was born. A b-monthly series, LBB follows Harley”s life when she”s not busy running her Gang of Harleys…or taking care of her menagerie of animals…or being a psychiatrist…or a landlady…

…Harley Quinn is a busy woman, okay?

This month, HARLEY”S LITTLE BLACK BOOK #2 will put Hal Jordan squarely in Harley”s crosshairs. HitFix Harpy got an exclusive sneak peek inside the pages and wow! Can horns be part of Harley”s costume ALL THE TIME NOW?? It”s no secret I”m not a fan of Harley”s New 52 origin, but Jimmy and Amanda have really knocked it out of the ball park to make HARLEY QUINN one of the most interesting and complex antiheroes today (in my opinion). This trend continues in LBB #2 when a unique power ring ends up in Harley”s possession.

Guest-starring Green Lantern! Black and red are kind of Harley Quinn”s thing…so when the most unique power ring in the universe crosses her path, she has no choice but to put it on, right? Unfortunately for Harley-and everyone else-this hybrid ring is fueled by rage and death…and things are gonna get out of hand very quickly!

Harley wreaks havoc on February 10, 2016.