Exclusive: Hold your horses – Cher is not making a country album

You know that story about Cher recording a country album that”s making the rounds today? It was true, but is no longer the case.

As often happens once artists get into the studio, the direction shifts. Cher is now making a full-on dance record, according to her representative.

We contacted Cher”s spokeswoman today to see if there were more details about Cher”s country album with Nashville producer Mark Bright. Bright told the website Silk And Denim that he and Cher met each other through songwriter Desmond Child, who has written songs for Cher and who now spends much of his time in Nashville.

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“Cher knows that her listeners also listen to country music, so she felt it was a natural thing to develop a country music relationship,” Bright told the website.  That interview ran in January, but for some reason, all the major websites picked up on it today.  News that Cher was looking for country songs first surfaced last November.

We”re waiting for more details about the new set and will add more when we get them, but Cher”s rep tells us that although the country album was in the works, it “no longer is. It will be a dance-oriented album.”

As Cher fans know, she recently celebrated “You Haven’t Seen the Last Of Me,” the Diane Warren-penned tune from “Burlesque,” going to No. 1 on Billboard’s Dance Club Chart. In doing so, it marked the sixth consecutive decade in which Cher has topped a Billboard chart.