Exclusive: It’s a battle for control in the final issue of THE KITCHEN

Hell”s Kitchen in 1977 was no place for the meek. Which is why when the going gets tough, you turn not to the Mob..but to the Mob Wives.

With their husbands in prison, it”s been up to Raven, Kathy, and Angie to get down in the muck to keep control of their territories in THE KITCHEN. After forcing the denizens of Hell”s Kitchen to take them seriously, these ladies aren”t about to just hand the reigns of power back over to men…even the one”s they married. 

Image Credit: DC Entertainment. Cover by Becky Cloonan.

Now in the senses-shattering conclusion to one of Vertigo”s most talked-about series of the decade, Raven and Kath battle for control of the rackets, and one of them will learn the hard way that blood is thicker than water but money is thicker than blood.

After the jump, HitFix Harpy has your exclusive look inside the final issue of THE KITCHEN.