Exclusive: Jessica Chastain is a gothic queen in blood-red ‘Crimson Peak’ poster

Everything old is new again. In the case of “Crimson Peak” by Guillermo del Toro, this is literal.

After languishing on the edges of pop culture since the late 90s, goth is poised to make a decisive comeback with this creepy horror film that evokes the Faux-Victorian ideals of fashion and disaffected apathy. All the trailer was missing was a character smoking cloves and looking bored.

Now – ahead of their big panel at Comic-Con this week – Legendary is releasing stylized character posters that would be at home in any den of iniquity (aka the basement relit with blacklight and GET OUT MOM OH MY GOD KNOCK FIRST!). HitFix Harpy is pleased to reveal Jessica Chastain as the enigmatic Lady Lucille Sharpe!

You can check out the other three poster reveals at Collider, ComingSoon, and SlashFilm respectively.

Image Credit: Legendary Pictures

“Crimson Peak” creeps into theaters on October 16, 2015.