Exclusive: LEGO Spider-Man for “Daredevil” #31 Variant

(CBR) Marvel Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at artist Leonel Castellani’s LEGO variant cover for “Daredevil” #31, which features an homage image to Steve McNiven’s “Amazing Spider-Man” #546 — the issue the kicked off the first arc of “Brand New Day.” The image is the latest in a series of LEGO variants Marvel has scheduled throughout September for its biggest issues — including “Infinity” #2 & #3, “Mighty Avengers” #1 and more — to help the publisher promote its upcoming “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes” video game hitting in October. Check out Castellani’s homage cover beside McNiven’s original below.

EXCLUSIVE: Leonel Castellani’s LEGO variant for “Daredevil” #21 (L) and Steve McNiven’s cover for “Amazing Spider-Man” #546

“Daredevil” #31 goes on sale in September.