Exclusive: Naomi Watts and a ‘Lost’ doctor take a tour in ‘Diana’

Were British critics too sensitive about director Oliver Hirschbiegel’s new drama “Diana”?  The film, about a secret love affair between Princess Diana and heart surgeon Hasnat Khan, wasn’t necessarily warmly received in the UK, but American audiences will get their chance to weigh in when it opens in limited release on Friday.

Hirschbiegel is the acclaimed director of the Hitler biopic “Downfall” and was able to recruit Oscar nominee Naomi Watts to play the People’s Princess. “Lost” star Naveen Andrews plays the Pakistani Khan who attended Diana’s funeral a few months after their supposed breakup. Soapy and scandalous subject matter indeed.

Entertainment One has provided HitFix with an exclusive clip from ‘Diana” that features an early meeting between Khan and Diana. It gives you a good peek at Watt’s portrayal of Diana and sets up the context of their initial relationship.  You can watch the clip embedded at the top of this post.

Look for a review of “Diana” from HitFix’s own Guy Lodge later this week.