Exclusive: Sally Hawkins gives thumbs up in hilarious new ‘Submarine’ clip

The summer blockbuster season is looking increasingly sketchy, but there are some great indie films hitting theaters over the next few months that you can’t miss.  From “Project Nim” to “Beginners” to “Another Earth” to “Tree of Life” to “Attack the Block” (we assume) there are a lot of great films on the horizon.  One that demands to be seen is a fantastic comedy from across the Atlantic, “Submarine.”

I first praised Richard Ayoade’s directorial debut during last year’s Toronto Film Festival praying a U.S. distributor would pick up the coming of age comedy with a dark side.  The Weinstein Company complied and are giving the flick a prominent roll out next month.  And if you’ve had your share of superheros and Hollywood comedies it’s a legitimate “must see.”

Based on a novel by Joe Dunthorne, “Submarine” centers on Oliver Tate (an impressive Craig Roberts), a teenage boy in Wales who falls for an emotionally detached girl, Jordana (Yasmin Page), all while trying to stop his mother (Sally Hawkins in picture stealing mode) from having an affair with her old high school boyfriend (a bizarre Paddy Considine).   The entire cast is spectacular, but Roberts, Hawkins and Taylor (the latter two playing completely against type) stand out.

In this exclusive clip provided to HitFix, Hawkins confronts her son after he got into a fight “defending the honor of his girlfriend.”  To say she’s surprised is an understatement.  To say any more would spoil, the subtle turns by both the former Oscar nominee and Roberts in the scene.

You can watch the entire clip embedded in this post.  

To watch the film’s U.S. trailer click here.

“Submarine” opens in limited release on June 3.  Mark your calendars.